Hi there dear readers!

This is who I am :—

I’m a neophyte; a writer in making; a girl who is continuously evolving in her mind. Awesomeness Personified! OPEN BOOK. AMBIVERT. Classic!

I reside in a utopian world of dreams….over the hills and far away…

I’m Half Goddess and Half Hell! I love serenity but I’m a hard core classic rock fan. Rock in my veins is what keeps me sane! AC DC, Queen , Bon Jovi, Journey, Kansas, Metallica,you can find their impressions on my soul! n/ m/ My soul feeds on poetry.

My mind palace is armed with a killer wit, with no tact or filters. If it hits my brain it flies out of my mouth. Lastly, I have the heart of a two year ol’ !

Hoping that you’re having/ you’ve had a pleasant day! La Vida Es Bella. Peace out !

Signing off

It’s me, Akankshya.