The Veil Of The Wintry Heart


Just a tinge of love and everyone is a poet they say,

Be that as it may with a love so exceptional,

How do I commence? 

I was nothing but a latent quixotic bud,

Effloresced solely by your starry-eyed gaze.

With a drop of your love, you painted my seven seas with the colour of your thoughts. 

There is no colour quite like this!

You are the moon during the morning,
The gleam of the last light on a river’s surface at dusk, the very moonglade!

And your love, 

‘tis what imbues a rosy glow on my visage.

And when you evanesce, my beloved jilter
‘tis a wrenching pain that kills your bones, 

A heartache that incises the soul with a deafening silence, 

But, even this incision is bittersweet as it insculpts your love in this heart o’ mine

I’m bound to flinch, but I know that you are worth the broken heart,

An entire galaxy was entwined to make one soul meant for me 

How then can I ever be apart?

Akin to ‘the brook’, I merely murmur under the moon and stars, 
I have gulped pain that threatens to eat away any shred of happiness it can find 

How then did you hold dear a stolid girl, who had forgotten to live,

Barely surviving with her impassive wintriness? 

My love, how did you climb the highest walls with the deepest of love? 

How did you make a quivering heart wish to bask beneath your love?

The universe excogitated for you to become the apricity,
The very sunshine that puts a veil on the frostiness!

                                                                                                           –Akankshya Mishra 


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